In this tutorial Haruki explains  how to land on your feet, in this case after a buttbounce. Nevertheless, the advice that Haruki gives can be used for any dynamic trick to feet.

Butt bounce

Another tutorial of the Butt bounce, in Japanese this time, turn on the subtitles to have the english explanations.

Lazy mount to russian roulette

Learn how to do a slackline signature moves from our Russian athlete Nikolay: Lazy mount to russian roulette ! This move come from his parkour background and is part of his Kolyambing repertoire. It is not an easy one to learn, but once mastered,…

Static dynamic combo

In this tutorial our Russian athlete Niklay Shelamov presents you an intermediate static/dynamic combo. Safe to learn on any lenght and height !

Lazy mount to side plank

After learning the Footwhip mount, let´s have a look at the lazy mount and add to it a side plank.

Footwhip mount

Another great tutorial from our Russian Athlete Nikolay Shelamov inspired from breakdance/parkour, how to do a footwhip mount!

Learn how to do the safety flip

Learn how to fall correctly when learning your first tricks ! In this video, Benni teachs you how to do the safety flip. It will help you to increase your confidence on the slackline and avoid injuries !

Learn how to do a Buttbounce

In this video, Benni teachs you how to do your first Butt bounce in a easy and safe way !

double dropknee crook

1) go into dropknee* (see dropknee) 2) shift weight over your rear foot 3) move front foot to rest on your knee 4) shift weight over your front foot IMPORTANT: always keep focussing on one point 5) to get up move foot back and shift weight…

butt backflip

1) go into buttbounce* (see buttbounce) IMPORTANT: you need to get more air than for a buttflip back* (buttflip back) 2) lean back push chest forward & throw your arms backward 3) grab knees to make rotation faster 4) open up arms and…

chongo mount

1) sit on the line 2) grab the line with both hands 3) put rear foot perpendicular to the line 3) shift weight over your rear foot & take off one hand from the line 5) bring front foot on the line while taking off hand 6) stand up Follow…

backbounce 180 to buttflip to feet

1) backbounce 180° 2) buttflip 3) to feet Follow Carlos Merayo on Instagram!