If the last article “How to find slackliners around you?” was not sufficient, then we have created this article to help you. We’ll give you tips on how to create a slackline community in your area.

Be sure that a slackline community does not already exist

First of all, you have to be sure that it doesn’t already exist. In this sense, check out Facebook groups such as Slackchat.

If it already exists, that’s great, you’ll be able to meet a lot of slackliners in your area.

If it used to exist, but it is not very active anymore. It is always possible to restart it. 

Don’t hesitate to put a message on the group, to propose meetings regularly. You’ll see, it doesn’t take much to motivate people and revive the community that existed before.

Slack Jam In Stuttgart

No such thing at all? Then here’s how you can create a slackline community

Here are the 4 steps we advise you to follow:

Step 1

Create a Facebook group. You need to name it so that it is as easy as possible to find. The easiest way would be the word “Slackline” + the name of your city or region.

Exemples: Slackline Stuttgart, Slackline Berlin, Slackline Roma…

You can also create a Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram or even MSN conversation if you want. You will be able to register the motivated slackliners you meet in these groups.

Step 2

 Plan a weekly meeting at the same place every week. Try to get there as much as possible and post a message in the group and conversation as soon as you get there or even a few days before you get there.

Exemple: Every monday at 6pm in Uni-Park.

Future members will know that you will be able to meet every week at this specific location.

Step 3

Include beginners. Indeed, if there is no current community, it is because there are perhaps no practitioners. So it’s time to initiate as many people as possible.  

To do this, go to a park where there are people passing by (if it is allowed). And in addition to your setup, install a slackline for beginners. That is to say, a slackline that is fairly tense, at knee height, and less than 10m long. Many curious people will want to try it, so just give the link to the group and the conversation and they will come back often.

If you need a slackline for beginners to create a slackline community, don’t hesitate to contact us on instagram. If you explain us the project, we can give you interesting promotion codes for the community.

Step 4

Don’t give up. It’s only a matter of time before you have more and more people doing it. Slacklining is a great sport in which it is very easy to meet people.

Did you read this article all the way through? Thank you so much for wanting to create a community and keep our sport alive. Please feel free to share this article to create more community.