We left each other in 2019 with the last Trickline World Cup, won by the Chilean Abraham Hernandez. After that, more than 3 years of Covid, prevented us from meeting again to make this kind of event. But on June 25 and 26, 2022, slackliners from all over the world met in Stuttgart to compete in the Trickline World Cup in Stuttgart.

Hardest Trickline tricks ever?! - WorldCup 2022

1st day of the Trickline WorldCup

There were almost 1000 square meters of competition and interaction area in the center of the festival area. With women and men contest workshops, courses and challenges in the GIBOARD festival area. There were 6 female and 15 male athletes. The level of each one was very high. There were four judging criteria during the competition which are: difficulty, diversity, technique and style.

This year, there was the particularity to have the same Price Money for the first 4 trickliners of each category: Men and Women. We made this choice because we believe that access to the sport and especially to the Trickline should be equal between men and women. This should be the case in many other sports. 

One thing is for sure, everyone is welcome in a trickline competition.

“It’s not about competing. It’s about showing the people how beautiful slackline can be! “ Filip Oleksik

All the athletes and the GIBBON team met for a morning warm-up and trickline training. Some rehearse their combos while others continue to hide their talents before the official start of the competition.

We found 12 different countries but we have an omnipresence of Japan which came in number with 7 athletes.

The athletes were able to perform two rounds on the first day face to face. Each round was scored by our 3 judges. The results of this first day allowed us to select, according to the scores achieved, the 8 best men and the 4 best women.

1Rikuto Nakamura
2Shin Kikukawa
3Alisson Ferreira
4Haruki Kinoshita
QuarterfinalTakushi Nakamura
QuarterfinalMarius Kitowski
QuarterfinalBenni Schmid
QuarterfinalValentin Huet

1Koi Okazawa
2Mao Takebe
3Akari Sasaki
4Kirke Vider

During the day, the audience was on fire. They could admire these trickline performances but also try our GIBOARDs and discover the different stands of the competition sponsors

The first day ended with a party at the GIBBON booth, where the public and the athletes could feast. Except for the athletes who qualified for the knockout rounds, who are resting in preparation for the second day.

2nd Day of the Trickline WorldCup

On the second day, only 12 athletes (8 men and 4 women) were competing in a different format from the previous day, a knockout round. The tension was very high because the error pushes directly to the elimination.

In the evening we will finally know who will succeed Abraham Hernandez, the Chilean, last winner of a Trickline World Cup. Remember that the last world cup took place in 2019 in Germany, it was 3 years that athletes had not been able to face each other.

You will find the live broadcast of the second day here.

We found two very interesting semi-finals. On one side we had Haruki, the Japanese , and on the other side we had another Japanese, with a very promising style, Shin Kikukawa. The latter succeeded in winning against this new legend of slackline, during a very tense round.

Haruki and Alisson during the qualifying rounds.

Koi Okazawa

The other semi final was not less interesting. We find the young Rikuto Nakamura who will have bluffed everyone during the previous rounds against a more experienced opponent: Alisson Ferreira. This one is Brazilian and contributes a lot to promote slackline in his native country. 

The freshness of the youth prevails then on the experience, and Rikuto Nakamura finds himself in the final thanks to incredible combos. 

The men’s final was 100% Japanese, just like the women’s final. Japan came in number to this event, and it is not to do nothing. For the small final, Alisson was facing Haruki. The Brazilian won, and climbed on the 3rd step of the podium. He will also win the prize for the best tricks. We find the young Rikuto Nakamura, 13 years old facing Shin Kikukawa, known by all for his incredible clips on social networks. This round is one of the most exciting or each one connects the most crazy combos. We find double flips everywhere, and endless spins. Rikuto even made a buttbounce 900 to feet.

If you want to go into details here are the combos that the two finalists could realize:

For Shin – Doublefrogflip to doublefearless to  fearless to frog full to madflip to buttbackflip to fearless to frogflip to backbounce to backtastiv fearless to frogflip to feet.

For Rikuto – impossible 720 to frogflip to  buttbackflip 900  and doublefrog to buttbackflip to 900 to 720 freefall  to frogfull. He also did frogflip  to doublebuttbackflip to doublebuttflip to buttbackflip to fearless to doublechestflip.

The youngest of the two will be able to win in this competition against a tough opponent who will have defended himself superbly. He will not leave empty-handed because Shin wins the prize of the sickest combo.

The World Cup was my goal stage. And this time it was a very memorable tournament. Because I was able to win the big stage where I can play against wonderful players from all over the world. Also, the audience was very excited and it was fun to ride. Thanks Gibbon for hosting the World Cup.” Rikuto Nakamura

In the women’s category, the fight was not less intense between the two competitors: Koi Okazawa and Mao Takebe. Both know each other well, but this day, the best one had to win. Koi Okazawa won by perfectly performing her combos and by taking more risks.
A third Japanese completes this podium because Akari Sasaki won the small final against the Estonian Kirke Vider.

„Gibbon is the first brand to take slacklining outside the box! Slacklines are not only to be walked. You can jump on them and create endless fun challanges. Gibbon doesn’t judge! Gibbon supports your unique way of being!” Benni Schmid

What is next?

We are working on the next world cup in Germany for 2023. In the meantime, now that we have proved to you that trickline is not dead (far from it!). Don’t hesitate to check the events page of our website to find all the slackline events, to participate or to watch, there will be something for everyone!  

We wanted to thank all our sponsors for allowing us to do this event: Blackroll, Toto Lotto and Globetrotter. 

We wanted to thank all the athletes for the show they put on, and to the public for coming in such great numbers and for putting on a great atmosphere