Slackline is a sport of sharing. To progress, keep motivated or simply have fun, it is important to practice with other people. So if you are looking for how to find slackliners in your area, you are on the right article.

The first way to find slackliners in your area is: Slackspot

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Slackspot is an application created by Gibbon Slacklines. It allows you to find the different spots used by slackliners all over the world. You can find all the practices: from the classic slackline, to the highline and the trickline.

On this site, you will just have to look at the spots around you, and go there. To make an appointment, you can even put a message on the page of the spot.
If there are no spots around you, you can always put your favorite spots. This could attract other slackliners.

The Gibbon Team

Facebook, the easiest way to be in touch with local slackliners

If you arrive in a new city, just search the name of the city/region + Slackline. There are already hundreds of groups in many countries.
Example: Slackline Stuttgart, Slackline Roma, Parislack

So join that group, and check out the meetings they offer. Most of the time, these groups will have a meeting every week, at the same place. 

If there is no meeting, you will have to post a time and a link on this group. You will have a good chance that other slackliners will be there.

Otherwise, create the facebook group for your city, and create the meeting yourself. An article will come soon to explain the best way to develop a community.

Connect with the Gibbon Family all around the world

If you are a member of the Gibbon Family, you will be a member of a Discord. This Discord is divided into many countries, where there are many slackliners. All you have to do is to put a message in the chat that corresponds to your country.  We are sure that many slackliners will be there to help you! 

How do I join the Gibbon Family and discord?

Just fill in this form and you will be able to benefit from the many advantages.

We hope you can find other slackliners in your area in this article.
If not, we’ll help you create your own slackline community in a future article