The slackline, an educational game for your child

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As a kid, you learn everything faster than at an older age, this is why it is important that kids move and learn how to control their body.

The slackline is a great tool to improve attentional skills. Indeed, in order to progress more and more on a slackline your child will understand that he/she has to concentrate and not stop paying attention step by step.

If balance and attention are things that are useful in everyday life, slacklining gives you the taste for effort and the will to surpass yourself. 

But the main interest is to have fun, because slacklining is really fun and children can spend hours on it.

Slackline can also be a cool swing 

How to set up a slackline for your child?

Although slacklining is a lot of fun, the slackline must be adapted to the size of the child, that is at the level of their knees.  It is also necessary that the slackline is at the good length so that it is easy to walk on it. (less than 5m.)

First of all, for maximum safety, it should be as low as possible. That is, below the child’s knee.

The mistake made by many parents is to set up slacklines that are too long. If a slackline is 15m long, it is always a good idea to start by setting it up on 4-5m. It will then be possible to cross it the first time and gradually increase the distance.

Which set would suit your child and you ?

If you have a large garden, with solid trees at a good distance, or if you often go to a park near your home, then the funline is recommended. This line is designed for children. It is rigid and does not stretch, even over a long length, so that your are always close to the ground. The slacklines are TÜV certified, which promises maximum safety.

A Slackrack – The perfect indoor slackline

You don’t have a garden? Or do you live in a region where the weather does not allow you to be outside all year round? 

In that case, there are two possibilities

* The Slackrack: A 3m slackline support that you can put in a living room, in a room or even on a terrace. It allows you to play many games throughout the year and even to practice when you have 5 minutes to spare. It is very short so it is easy to access for children and adults.

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*The Giboard: This is the latest product from Gibbon. It is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and a lot of fun. Even easier to access than the Slackrack or slacklines, it promises hours of fun from the first minute of use. Not only is it possible to balance like on a slackline, but it is also possible to play with the board as if it were a skateboard.

The Giboard – Perfect for your child

If you have a garden and you can’t set up a slackline because the trees are not strong enough or not at the right distance. We recommend the indikit.

This slackline kit without trees allows you to stretch a slackline in your garden from 3m to 15m. It possible to adjust the length very easily by simply moving the frames.. 

It is a slackline permanently installed in your garden, at three possible heights. The lowest is the perfect size for a child between 5 and 10 years old.

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The Indikit – Slackline without tree

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