Slacklining in Therapie

Experience your balance

We provide innovative and motivational orthopedic, geriatric, pediatric, sport rehab and neurological therapy solutions and courses by using slacklines. Slacklining has become way more than a fun activity. We believe that everyone, regardless of their age, discomfort or training goals, benefits from slacklining. Balance and stability are two fundamental factors that sustainably influence our everyday lives and provide the basis for an active and healthy life.

intensify cardio fitness workout
intensify cardio fitness workout


Any joint, muscle or ligament damage is accompanied by a loss of stability. In order to create the best conditions for complete healing and to prevent re-injury, it is necessary to rebuild joint stability. Disease patterns relevant for this are e.g.:

  • Cruciate ligament tear
  • Hip prosthesis
  • Disc damage
  • Flat splayfoot
  • Shoulder instability


Tumbles and falls are the most common cause of loss of independence in old age. With Slackline therapy balance is trained and falls thereby effectively prevented.

intensify cardio fitness workout
intensify cardio fitness workout


In the age of smartphones and iPads many children show a lack body awareness and physical activity, resulting in poor posture and back pain at a young age. Slackline therapy enables them to have fun while doing healthy exercises and strengthening neglected muscle groups.


In any sport good coordination and stability are important requirements to succeed. Additionally to sports-specific training, Slackline training intensifies the workout through self-induced vibration and thus contributes to the increase in performance.

intensify cardio fitness workout

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THE SLACKRACK fitness edition

The Slackrack-Fitness Edition is a high quality training and treatment device. On the one hand it allows to slackline indoors but on the other hand equiped with dozens of exercises ranging from rehab, cardio, mobility and strength. With its dynamic feauteres the line resonates while being used creating micro vibrations which activate the receptors and therefore intensifies any workout.

free standing slackline system - ideal for fitness workouts

the GIBOARD – Ideal for Stability and Balance Training

The Giboard is ideal for having fun balancing, mastering gravity, and as an effective training device. Patented, the Giboard comes without any metal parts and is made in the EU from local beech.

GIBOARD wooden board with a strap to balance, play games on fitness workout

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