In this article, we offer you 4 different games that you can make with the Giboard. This article is linked to a YouTube video that you can find below. Don’t forget to use Corq Pads for your safety.

Group exercices with Giboard

The Snail

2 or 4 players – 1 board per player

Align the two Giboards. The idea is to reach a pre-determined goal. The distance varies according to the level of the participants. 

The first player has to walk in order to advance to the second board.  Once the first player has reached the second board, the second player takes the first board and places it in front of the second and so on until the goal is reached. 

Once the goal is reached the group turns around and the roles are reversed. 

It is possible to have several teams competing against each other or simply to time the performance according to the number of players and boards.

Challenge the circle

2 Player – 6 to 10 boards.

Place the giboards in a circle with a reasonable distance between them. (The further apart the boards are, the more complicated the game will be) 

Both players should start on their own side. The aim of the game is to jump from board to board without falling. The goal is to catch your opponent. 

Whoever touches the ground or is caught by his opponent loses. 

The game is played in 3 winning rounds.


1 player at the time – 3 boards 

Place 3 boards on the floor at a distance of 40-60cm each. 

Start by jumping from board to board. Then be imaginative by adding tricks in between. This can be poses in the air or 180s and 360s.

Hot Stepper Challenges

1 Player at the time – 4 to 10 boards

Cross by walking on the giboards in different ways: 

  • Difficulty 1= Cross by walking normally 
  • Difficulty 2= Cross by walking sideways, your legs must cross each other at each movement 
  • Difficulty 3= Walk backwards
  • Difficulty 4= Jump from board to board with one foot on each board
  • Difficulty 5= Jump from board to board with both feet together
  • Difficulty 6= Jump boards 2 by 2 but jump back one board after each landing.

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