8 great games and challenges to play with your slackrack at home with the entire family!

Looking for an activity while you are stuck at home with your family? These 8 games and challenges are just a few examples how you can have tons of fun with the slackrack indoors. All these challenges can be bundled into a competition:

you will need:

  • a Slackrack or Slackline setup in your garden at low height.
  • a time measure device
  • a pen of any kind to document the results
  • a free games sheet downloaded and printed out.

Depending on the number of participants you hand out points. For Example with 5 participants the best score is 5 and the worst 1.

We wish you loads of fun!

Challenge 1

Use one foot to drag or push the handgrip across the line of the slackrack. 3 rounds – the fastest time wins.

Challenge 2

How many jumps from one side to the other of the slackrack can you manage in 10 seconds without letting go of the slackrack with both hands?

Challenge 3
(kids-bonus round)

Turn on the music – parents hold the kids hands and they then bounce and jump to the rythm of the music on the slackline. The parents decide how many points are handed out.

Challenge 4

Try to stack objects (such as toilet rolls) ontop of each other with the slackline as the underground.

Challenge 5

Sit on the line with your tailbone in front of the line and by leaning back slightly. Use your arms to control your balance. The longest time wins the challenge.

Challenge 6

Everyone has one finger to support the person balancing on the line. finger by finger the support is reduced. who can balance with the least amount of fingers?

Challenge 6

Measure the time to balance on one foot. In case you need help understanding how to balance correctly please get the GIBBON App. (www.gibbonapp.com)

Challenge 6

By receiving support drop down into footplant position (see video). Without support see how many times you can clap your hands before grabbing the helping hand again.

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