How to set up a slackline in your garden (With or without trees)

Spring is on its way!  A great reason to go outside and set up your slackline, so which better place than in your own garden during those times of quarantine? You don’t know how? We will show you what you need and how to do it.

At first you want to check your garden for possible places (anchor) to attach the slackline. This could be trees, posts or any construction with a solid anchor that exists already.

But most people don’t have 2 trees in perfect distance from each other. In most of the cases there is just one big tree, just a very small tree or no tree at all. That’s why we collected the following options to give you an idea on how you can use what you have and what you need to add to your set to rig a slackline anywhere.

Option 1: You are lucky and have trees (big enough) in your garden

If you have 2, 3, 4 or more trees in your garden (with a diameter of 15cm or more), then you are ready to go. Get yourself a slackline , follow the instruction of the manual to set it up and enjoy!

Nevertheless, here we can also have the case of trees to far apart from each other. In this configuration, you want to get a slackline long enough (A classic line XL should be enough in most cases). And, if you want to make it easier to walk the slackline, you can use a slackline frame, chairs or any object strong and big enough that can be place bellow the slackline to adjust the length and make it easier to walk. Make sure that it is high enough so that the slackline is under tension on it.

Option 2: You don´t have any tree in your garden.

If you don´t have any trees in your garden, the Independence Kit Classic  will be your “go to”. It is a stand-alone solution composed of 2 Slackline frames, 2 ground screws and a slackline.

Check out the video to learn how to install it.

Option 2: You only have 1 tree in your garden.

In this situation, you have a tree in your garden..but only one. Therefore, you will need to build an anchor to attach the slackline on the other side. In the best case scenario, the ground of your garden is cross. Consequently, a ground screw and a slackline frame will be enough.

To learn how to place a ground screw and the slackline frame, check out the video above.

Ground Screw

Option 3: You have trees in your garden, but they are too small.

By thumb any tree in diameter of 15 cm and more is strong enough to rig onto. If your tree looks weak or has a really small diameter then you can eventually still rig it if you attach the sling at the bottom of the tree. Like that you reduce the lever and the force to pull out the roots of the tree. To get the proper height for the slackline you will need a slackframe which is easily set up and also gives you the option to change the length and height of the line.