What is it ?

Slackspot is an app made by Gibbon Slacklines. This is a map where every one can add his spot to share with the community. There is spots all around the world. As soon as you use the app you can comment and share the interesting spots. 
This is the social network for slackliners

Why have we created slackspot ?

 We believe that slacklining is super fun and balance is super important in our daily life. Therefore, we want to make our product safe, easy to use and accessible to absolutely everyone. To do so, we haven´t only created an amazing product but also a free App that goes together with our slacklines. This App contains tutorials, tips, new and since recently: Our updated and new Slackspot feature. 

It allows you to find :
-New amazing places in your surroundings or when you are travelling 
-New friend to slackline with
-Sharing the knowledge among the slackline community.

What if you already know the community and all the spots where you live?

First of all let me doubt it. And if this is your case, there is another utility with this app. 
When you are travelling and you have the possibility to take your line with you because you have a light line like the travel line It’s always cool to find the best spot in the region.

And if you can’t bring your slackline, it’s also a good way to meet slackliners in the region. Thanks to the chat function of the application, you can chat with new slackliners.

As shown in this video : during the covid-19 period it’s also a good way to respect social distancing. You can organize the time slots of use of the spot. Of course, it’s a bit sad to use this tool like this but if it allows us to practice safely, it’s priceless.

If you just want to dream about spots for the moment when it will be allowed to travel, you can also use this app. Like a travel guide, use slackspot to plan your next vacation.

The app offer a great diversity in term of spot  

Actually you can create different type of spot: waterline, longline, highline, midline or trickline. Of course, you can only add the spots that are allowed.

How to use Slackspot?

 You will find Slackspot on the Gibbon-Slacklines website or on the app. You can view the spots without an account but to add and interact with other users you will need to create one. It works also with your google account.

You registered? Congrats the world is open to you!
Now you can comment and save your favorites spot. 

But I know you, and you want more than that. You want more people to practice slackline in your area.
Then you should add your spot to slackspot :

Click on the “+” button, then choose between : your current location (if you already are on the spot) or pick on the map.

Then you can readjust the position, and when you are at the perfect place, youjust have to create your spot adding pictures and a description of the place.

Congratulation, you helped the local slackliners !

Around the world with slackspot !

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