Immanuel Bumb rejoins GIBBON SLACKLINES

Immanuel Bumb rejoins GIBBON SLACKLINES as Pro Athlete!!!!

Immanuel Bumb, the 26 year old German native will be rejoining the Gibbon Slacklines Team as an athlete! We are really happy to announce his comeback!!! Here are some words from our new team member, Immanuel:

For me, the Gibbon community originally is about tolerance, creativity and bringing together individuals from all over the world who share this invisible connection, the slackattraction. The slackattraction is what I see as the depth within slacklining, the experience that can make all doubts vanish in the presence of the moment when you finally master that trick. Whether you are walking or flipping on the line. Tricklining is like a highly dynamic meditation to me. I think the Gibbon community is one of the fewer ones to be empowered to inspire people what a person can create when passion meets merciless repetition. This is where I want to be. I am grateful to be back on the team to get creative and help spreading the beauty of slacklining. Thank you.

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By the way, Immanuel will be at the “Wassersportfestival in Munich” this Sunday!