Mickey Wilson rejoins GIBBON SLACKLINES

Mickey Wilson rejoins GIBBON SLACKLINES as Pro Athlete and as USA Coordinator!!!

Mickey Wilson, 27 year old Colorado native and two time Red Bull Champion, will be rejoining the Gibbon Slacklines Team both as an athlete and as an event/marketing/social media coordinator for Gibbon Slacklines USA. Wilson has worked hard over the last four years in the slackline world for multiple slackline companies but says,

“Gibbon has just always had that amazing family feel to it and I’m really happy to be rejoining the team. I’ve been traveling the world a lot the last year for competitions and events and the one thing I realized is that it’s important to stay true to yourself and to surround yourself with people whose slacksoul resonates with your own. I’ve also realized that slacklining is really only on the radar of about one percent of the world’s population. I really want to help this amazing sport/activity grow and share it with the world and I think working with Gibbon will be the best way for me to do that. After spending three weeks in Germany with the Gibbon team, I am excited for what’s next and proud to say, WOALALALALALALA!!!! I’m a Gibbon again!”

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trickymickeywilson/