New Slackline WorldChampion

Fun, Excitment, Slacklines – that’s how you can describe the Second Slackline Championship by KIKU at IMS.

On the 22nd of October 2011 the best Trickliner of the world came to Brixen (Italy) to take part at the World Championship by KIKU.

The World Championship is part of the big Slackline WorldCup Tour 2011 and equal as in the last WorldCups in Munich and Bregenz 8 participants were set because of the world ranking list.
Thanks to the online video contest another three were set and five could achieve through the qualification round on Friday – the audience recognized already there that the competitions would carry everybody along.

The judges, Jan Galek, Maciej Borucz and Frederik Zimmermann had it not always easy, but they did a very good job, especially in tight decisions.

Every Slackliner have to prove in the categories Diversity, Difficulty, Performance, Amplitude and Style. Favorites were WorldCup-Headmen and last year finalists Andy Lewis and Momo Wiese.

In spite of temperature of just 10°C the riders give everything from the first second and heated the audience. Buttbounce, Chestbounce, Sick Nasty etc. belong to the standard repertoire of the participants. Who wants to get to the quarter finals had to show more.

At each dicision of the judges you could feel the tightness. For the semi finals Andy Lewis, Alpha Mike Payton, Momo Wiese und Luis Meier were welcomed with „La Olas“.

Who of the four would make it to the final? Would we see the well-known faces – Andy Lewis und Momo Wiese?
In fact, this time could „Alpha“ Mike Payton win against the acting WorldChampion and had to battle against Andy Lewis at the final competition. A very exciting battle between very good friends with tight leading, but “Mister Frontflip” could made it and we have a new WorldChampion: „Alpha“ Mike Payton (USA)!

The World Championship was at the same time the final of the WorldCup Tour. That’s why we had a new WorldChampion and a Winner of the WorldCup tour at the same time. Because of the points of the world ranking list Andy Lewis could make it one more time. He didn’t just get money than also an EL Moto.

     World Championship:
1st „Alpha“ Mike Payton
      2nd Andy Lewis
      3rd Momo Wiese

    WorldCup 2011:
1st Andy Lewis
     2nd Momo Wiese
     3rd „Alpha“ Mike Payton