Fellow slackliners!

Launch of the new season! To get ready for the up coming spring and summer we are offering sensational deals during the time of Easter! There will be exclusive deals starting from 21 march 2018 until 3 april 2018.

How to find the Easter Eggs?

Following the Easter tradition, we decided to hide our Easter Eggs including attractive offers within our Slack spot map. To find the eggs, follow the clues that release on Facebook and the website. They will guide you to the eggs that contain the discount code and the link to our web shop.

We will be releasing the actual offers via Facebook, our Website and Web shop always on the day of release. So keep up to date!

Find the clue in the video


Search for the code here

Easter Discount – Clue number 7

“First Gibbon´s Japanese Athlete, he has amazing flow and an unique style, you will find the clue where…Gappai is from.
Find the code and get 30% discount on all limited editions! ”

Visit the GIBBON Slackspot, to find the discount code.

Found the code?

Overview of the upcoming offers

  • 02/04 to 03/04
    30% Discount on all limited editions

We have more to offer!