How to combine our wish to create more lifestyle products and interact with our community? And, at the same time, reduce waste, use organic or recycled material and make it affordable for the customer?

To answer this question, we decided to ask our community, our followers on  Instagram and Facebook. What do you want us to make? And if we make it, would you buy it?

By doing so, it allows us to understand what our community wants, likes and develop products with their help. So here we are, playing around with photoshop and asking our community what do they like or not. Bucket hat, caps, bag packs we tried different products and see what would be possible in term of production and budget.

The 2 winners were COUSTEAU and HEY HONEY that we are happy to present you now. 2 unique beanies that will only be available on our Shop in limited edition (300 pieces!) for pre order.

By Pre ordering your beanie you get a special price (14,95 EUR instead of 24,95 EUR) and a special surprise in your order!

Image by Luis Meier