What happend this summer

It was hot, hot, hot at the Globetrotter Slackline Masters in Munich – the GIBBON Pro Team dominated the Natural Games and providing free inspiration at the Outdoor Trade Show via the community!

A new era of tricklining has begun!  

Team Estonia wins the first international Team Battle at the Globetrotter World Slackline Masters in Munich!

At 37° Celsius and shade being a rarety, 11 Teams from 8 different nations battled for the trophy of the first Globetrotter World Slackline Masters in Munich. In the first round each team had 3 minutes time for a team show performance, to qualify for the quarterfinals. Right from the start the two teams in favour: Team “Estonia”, (Jaan Roose and Tauri Vahesaar) and Team “Americas” (Alex Mason, USA and Diego “Pichichi” Diaz, Chile) showed their potential with spectacular tricks and tandem runs (both team members together on the line doing tricks).
After the quarterfinals Team “Estonia” battled team “Party” (Lukas Huber, Italy and Carlos Merayo, Spanien) and in the second semi finals Team “Americas” challenged Team “Brazil” (Carlos Neto and Giovanna Petrucci). In the end, after two dramatic battles the two favourites managed to walk through to the finals. Due to the new time limit resulting from the two vs two team battle both finals turned to a series of not ending, spectacular stunts where no one could stay seated.

“CAD Flips” (double frontflip with half a rotation in the second flip) followed by “Mojo Flat 540s” (Chestbounce horizontal 540 degree rotations (propeller)) – in just seconds answered with an “Arabean Fearless” (butt backflip 180° to chestbounce) and challenged yet again with a “Backtastic” (backounce frontflip to feet) to Backflip to feet – only four of the currently hardest tricks, which were performed in just 30 seconds of the finals.  Alex Mason landed with a “Frogflip” (chest backflip to butt) to “Double Front Buttflip” certainly the hardest combo of the finals. The craziest trick of the day was landed during warmup by Tauri with a “Backtastic Double”  (Backbounce to double frontflip to buttounce). At this time both our commentators, Andy Lewis and Luis Meier had already difficulties not to lose their voices from excitement. Especially Andy Lewis thoroughly enjoyed seeing the athletes continuously hit his “sweet spot”, which is a specific feauture of his signature line which was used during the contest.   

Due to the better team performance and an amazing tandem run, Team Estonia managed to claim the trophy for themselves and have become the first champions of this new and exciting team contest. Third place was won by Team “Brazil” with Carlos and Giovanna, which proved once more where tandem slacklining has it´s origins.

In the morning Giovanna had already claimed victory for the womens competition. Giovanna could neither be beaten by title favourite Cristine Chao from Germany in first round nor by Mio Sudo, (current number one of the WSFED ranking) in the finals. We are happy to announce no injuries and a great vibes which came with these new approaches to the sport.

Many thanks again to all participants, in specific Globetrotter and the city of Munich together with Flowmotion. In addition many thanks to our Judges (Elli, Tim, Giulia and Freddy) who were struggeling with the paste of the new format but still did a great job! Last but not least a big thank you to our commentators Andy and Luis for hosting the great show and off course all helpers and athletes coming from all corners of this planet. Without all you guys we would have been just frying eggs on the hot ground of the Königsplatz!  

The finals of the men: part 1 & part 2

Let the communities speak out more!

Gibbon celebrates their 9th successive year on the Outdoor trade show in Friedrichshafen.
The weather had not changed and according to the hot temperatures our pro athletes were active designing their own tshirt designs. Colors are still definetily what these kids want more! Check out our FB Site to see what teenagers under 21 are currently attracted to. 😉 “Tricklist Challenges” were held as well as “Tricks for Prizes” with great support from Deuter, Selkbag and many more. Many thanks again to Bernhard from Kiku for providing all of us with their sweet and cool apple juice and off course thanks to all party friends, trade partners and team members. We are pleased to have made new and interesting contacts and are motivated to work on improving our relationships. 
Slack it like it´s hot!

On the 18th July Hip Hop und Slacklining moved 20 000 visitors at Mixery Hip Hop Open 2015 in Stuttgart
At the Open Playground Area Gibbon and their Pro Athletes had the opportunity to slack and dance live to A$ap Rocky and Marsimoto. We are happy to welcome many new members to our slackline community and are looking forward to meet them again at the local slackline parks. More info you can find on the following Facebook page.…

And there is more!

Un Mason pour Millau!

Alex Mason (USA), GIBBON Pro athlete dominated the trickline contest of the Natural Games in France, 2015.
Within the fantastic scenery around the Natural Games in Millau, France our pro athletes thrilled the French slackline community with their amazing skills. Alex simply stuck everything during those days and walked home in first before our other pro athletes: Diego “Pichichi” Diaz in second, Carlos Merayo in third and Giovanna Petrucci in fourth.

In the following super finals, Pichichi and Alex battled, as a team against a selection of French Slackliners, their way through to yet another victory. With amusement we are looking forward to seeing our team members facing the difficult challenge of transporting the traditionally much too bulky and heavy trophies of the natural games home, somehow.

Slack the Sails Captain, Arrrrgh!

GIBBON Athletes claim 1st and 2nd place at the Red Bull Slackship Challenge in Gydhina Poland.
Once more Tauri Vahesaar from Estonia once more proved that he currently is the athlete of the moment.  On a 25m high trickline, between the poles of a huge sailing ship, only secured by a small net with resulting limitations, Tauri managed the best run in the finals, followed closely by Carlos Neto, Brazil who once more showed his amazing consistency especially under difficult circumstances. In the rounds before Jaan Roose had dominated only to loose his balance too early to collect enough points for the finals. Many thanks to Lukas Irmler for this great idea (next year please with a net which really secures the trickliners) and off course to Red Bull for the support to realise these exciting projects.

Definetily not to be missed out!

Videos of World of Tomorrow, our Pro Athletes and always again and again to visit our community sites for up to date news!

Last but not least!

We wish everyone ideal conditions and loads of fun to get outdoors and be active with slacklining. Share and spread our app which will help you and your friends to learn and enjoy slacklining.

This is the 6th edition of an amazing Slackline Contest during the Sportsfestival in Munich, the “GLOBETROTTER WORLD SLACKLINES MASTERS BY GIBBON”!!! 

6 Years of fun, 6 years of crazy and spectacular tricks, 6 years of mind-blowing battles between the best slackliners in the world, 6 years of emotions and friendships!

Are you ready for 2015???
We know you are!

Also Globetrotter is ready again and presents the new contest format “WORLD SLACKLINE MASTERS – MUNICH 2015” by GIBBON!

Like in the past years we will have the top slackliner of the world competing in Munich!

Including Jaan Roose from Estonia, Alex Mason from US,  as well as Mr. Slackline himselfe as judge “ANDY LEWIS” and many more.

But a lot of things are new!

For the first time in history we have a Slackline Team Battle for the boys! National and multinational teams are battling against the other teams. We want to use this platform to develop this idea and see what contest modes and team constellations create the best challenge for the slackliners and great entertainment for the crowd. The base are a minimum of 8 Teams a 2 athletes competing against each other.

          Application type: Invitations only in 2015.

          Judging: 3 judges according to WSFED judging criteria.

          Prize money: 1st place: 1000€, 2nd place: 500€, 3rd place: 250€


We will have amazing slackliners at the competition – we will have a different try out areas with slacklines for beginners, advanced and fitness junkies – we will have sun – we will have a lot of sports action at the whole festival area! So – what is missing? It´s just you!!!

Join us and be part of this unique event!

place – Königsplatz, Munich (Germany)
date – 5th of July 2015
time – 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

You want to battle with the stars?

Boys team register here… 

                        Girls team register here…

Any questions? Please contact Yann Stephan yann@gibbon-slacklines.com