Interview with Lucas Huber Worldchampion 2012

After this amazing contest and journey, Lukas Huber made it save back to his beautiful home Brixen in Italy. We didn´t made a trip to his place but we had still a real sympathetically digital conversation.
Hi Lukas, first of all congratulations to your championship belt it looks pretty dope!

Gibbon: How was the vibe in Boston?

Lukas: I stayed just 4-5 days in Boston but I liked it a lot, the people were awesome and the whole set up at the location as well. But it was still a hard test for every rider. With the new set of rules where everyone had to line up with everyone, it was one of the biggest challenges I ever had.

Gibbon: Let’s get to the final against Alex the Machine. How it is to see this little guy rocking already finals against you or Andy Lewis? Do you have a little forecast for the future of Slackline?

Lukas: We have to get ready for the future. The scene is growing so fast on contest you see a lot of young underground rider where you have no idea how good they are. They jump on the trick line doing combos that you never seen before. Just like when you catch up with Alex the first time.

Gibbon: How is the community between the riders? I always felt a big family thing when I saw a contest live. Free hugs for everyone!

Lukas: It is as well as you have experienced it. We have always a lot of fun when we come together it doesn´t matter if we are having a contest or just a team meeting. It´s all about the family and the support she gives you.

Gibbon: What is your favorite Slackline for Trick or Highlining?

Lukas: I prefer for Tricklining the Surfer Line. It is variable in the length and for me personally it is softer like the others. When I go on a Highline I choose definitely the Pro Line.

Gibbon: How can you handle your school/family life and your slacklife? Kind of a controlled chaos or just chaos?

Lukas: It works pretty well. For myself my education is still on top. I almost finished my last Highschool year before I go to the university. The principal of my school also gives me the freedom to take part in the competitions. I just have to learn during the flights or in the hotel, but all that stress is worth it.

Gibbon: Last but not least. What are your goals for 2013?

Lukas: There a quiet a lot, but I will continue just like I did 2012 with a few more travels. I hope there will be contest in more different countries and the scene has to grow. And of course…defend my titles!

It was a pleasure to catch up with you Lukas; you showed us what Slackline is all about. You brought me a thought that Slackline is one of the last sports where fun is still the important one and not the check what you get. Thank you!