Jaan Roose, GIBBON pro athlete from Estonia is the first  international Red Bull Athlete as a slackliner. Celebrating this we have interviewed Jaan on his thoughts, aspirations and plans:

Jaan, congratulations to being the first International Red Bull slackline athlete! Being one of the most influential developers in slacklining your approach has always been out of the ordinary. What is the belief behind your motivation to develop the sport behind slacklining?

“I believe that balance is important for everyone. Slacklining is a beautiful way to play with gravity in so many ways. Whether in expressive ways like the stunts I do, for use in training your coordination skills or simply to have fun with the family. Seeing what the other athletes are doing is great but I always see so much room to define my approach towards the sport.”

Photo by Roman Neumann, Red Bull Content Pool

You certainly stand out from the rest with your unusual approaches. Does creativity play an important role in enjoying slacklining the way you do?

“Absolutely! Just open your eyes and you will find fixpoints to anchor slacklines everywhere. When I go into the production of Videos I don´t just think of amazing tricks new tricks.. I also look at creating a story in an exciting and unusual place. I believe that makes everything more interesting to watch and be inspired.”

Since your tour with Madonna in 2012 you have worked a lot in show business and entertainment. What tips can you give other slackliners if they want to follow in your footsteps?

“Working as a professional slackliner is not just about skill on the slackline. Clients have no clue on how to rig, prepare and plan the show. This is why I develop a setup according to the best possible solution best on the available location. Important is that my services focus on the needs of the client. If they only have room for a small setup I will still work on creating a great show instead of teaching them what the setup should be like.”

Image by Luis Meier

“it is way more than just what I show in videos”

What are your plans working with Red Bull?

“Slacklining needs more exposure and possibilities to find interest. In addition I am carrying several projects with me, which can now be realized with Red Bull in partnership. My goal here is to create a relationship, where we can find ways to benefit from each other, as I believe the projects in my head will be awesome! In addition I want to work with Red Bull to make slacklining more accessible and inspiring, as it is way more than just what I show in videos.”

“slacklining is not just crazy but also quite sensible to train with”

What benefits do you see in Slacklining?

“For myself it has become a way of living and form of income to present the extreme side of the sport. At the same time though I believe, that balance is so important for the development of a child. Even older people can benefit from slacklining, as most of the injuries occurring from falling, are due to the lack of coordination skills. This also applies to athletic training, where slacklining improves your performance in any type of sports, as balance and coordination are always relevant. Plus, it is a great way for effective rehabilitation. So slacklining is not just crazy but also quite sensible to train with… even if you are a 60 year old beginner.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

“I can´t say exactly what I will do, as I am still healthy and seem to still be able to give all the young talents a hard time, even in 5 years time. But I have learned a lot from working on major shows and found my passion besides slacklining in sports content creation and management, technical directing and event management. I clearly see here a possibility for me to create a sustainable relationship with Red Bull.”

“in slacklining your body stores this coordinative skillset”

What is your message to people out there who want to try out slacklining?

“Mastering a slackline is much easier if you follow the basic steps. Challenge yourself with time before you start walking. My promise: once you achieve your skills in slacklining your body stores this coordinative skillset. It´s here just like skiing, swimming or cycling. In any case with GIBBON you are in good hands.”