Globetrotter Slackline WorldCup – REVIEW

Daring tricks make slackliners the highlight at Münchner Sportfestival
Globetrotter Slackline Worldcup, Sunday, 7th of July 2013

Already the 4th time the Slacklien WorldCup took part at the Münchner Sportfestival. But it was the first time with the new main sponsor Globetrotter Munich. Alix von Melle, the publications officer of Globetrotter said in the interview: Globetrotter and Gibbon Slacklines are now working together closely for a long time, so the partnership for the WorldCup was obviously.

The sun was shining, as usual when the slackliners come to Munich. But it´s not sure who beamed more, the sun or the audience! What a warm welcome for the more than 40 slackliners from all over the world, who took part in the Globetrotter Slackline WorldCup. And they didn´t disappoint the audience! The athletes showed up with impressive skills and sensational jumps.

Carlos Neto, member of the GIBBON Slacklines pro team, jumped meters high above the slackline and landed breathtaking tricks to save the title of the WorldCup winner. Alex Mason from the USA, battled against Neto in the finals. The current slackline world champion sticked some amazing tricks, this made the decision for the judges pretty hard and earned Alex the 2nd place of the WorldCup. Benni Schmid from Germany beat up with Justin Wagers (USA) and secured the last place on the podium.

The finalists showed up a great battle, but one of the highlights of this day for sure was the quarter final between Carlos Neto and Jaan Roose from Estonia, which Neto could win tightly. Carlos and Jaan have been together at the MDNA Madonna World tour for 9 month. Since then they are linked by a unique friendship, which goes beyond slacklining.
Regardless to this friendship they showed Munich an incredible match including all amazing tricks you can imagine on a 2inch wide line – or even you cannot…  At the moment when it looked like Jaan will win the battle, Carlos sticked a trick that was never landed in a competition before. With this he won the battle and finally slacked out the first place of the Globetrotter Slackline WorldCup.

At 8 pm the Münchner Sportsfestival came to an ende and with this also an exciting day. All participants, hosts and partners are already looking forward the Slackline WorldCup Munich 2014!