KOS & QOS 2014

You are wondering if there is something to win at King & Queen of Slackline 2014?!
Or are you just fighting for the honor???
Well, sure the honor is the main goal – but at the end we want to share this honor with the winners. For that reason GIBBON invites the winners of King & Queen of Slackline to the WSFed Globetrotter Slackline WorldCup in Munich!!!

This includes:
Flight from your hometown to Munich, Germany on the 4th of July
Participation at the Globetrotter Slackline WorldCup (WSFed) on th 6th of July
Hang around and slackline with the Gibbon team 7th – 9th of July
Take part in the Outdoor tradeshow in Friedrichshafen (including Outdoor OPEN competition – WSFed) 10th – 13th of July
Flight back to your hometown on the 14th of July
Accommodation & Food is also included!

So, show your skillz and send your videos!


You’ve been waiting. We’ve been waiting. The whole world has been waiting!

Wait no more world cause King and Queen of Slackline 2014 is here!

Starting April 1st 2014 we will begin with ROUND 1! So get ready, start practicing. This is gonna be a good one!

Videos following Round 1 will be released on Mondays(Kings) and Tuesdays(Queens) and deadline to submit your video will be 8pm Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7hrs) the day before the next round is put out. This way the whole world will have the full weekend to stick the trick!

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