The year 2021 is still affected by the pandemic that began more than a year ago. For this reason, we can not meet for competitions. This does not mean that we will not promote trickline. So we created The Unreal Slackline Masters.This contest will bring together all the slackliners in the world to create original content. 

We created The Unreal Slackline Masters to give a voice to tricklining. And we would like all trickliners to have the motivation to come up with new and original content and inspire the world to start this amazing sport. If the tricks that athletes perform are always more impressive each year, we would like to share not only tricks but also the energy around the sport – the laughs, the friends – the hours spent to land a trick – the spot where you train and all those many little things that make us love this sport.

This is why we call on all slackliners to use their talents and creativity to produce an amazing 2min video part – with your phone or your camera – with new clips or old ones it doesn´t matter. Inspire the world to go tricklining! This contest emphasizes creativity as much as tricks, so we truly invite everybody to participate and send their 2min video part. 

To send your video use this link.

How does it work ?

Everyone can participate to the Unreal Slackline Masters in the qualifying round, alone or together with friends, you will have to send a 2min video edit in MP4 before May 1st. The judges will then select the 6 finalists from all the participation, according to the following criterias: Skills, Creativity, Vibe of the video, Editing. The video needs to make us take our gear and go tricklining! 

To send your video use this link 

Out of the qualification round, 6 finalists will be selected for the final. Each finalist will receive a budget of 500 euros to realize a second edit. Together with this second 2minutes edit, we will also ask for 10min raw behind the scene footage.

The winner of the Unreal Slackline Masters among these finalists wins a prize of 2000 euros.

On top of that, there are three different prizes worth 600 euros each:

– the best female performance
– Munich award
– the public choice

Regarding the final videos, they will be judged and reviewed by 3 judges: the first one is Andy Lewis, godfather of the Slackline, if you are reading this article, you obviously know him.
The second one is Philip F. He is a slackline filmmaker and the person behind the youtube channel: world of tomorrow.
And the last one is Robert Kaeding, CEO and founder of Gibbon Slacklines.

So if you love trickline, and you want to support the sport, don’t hesitate any longer and participate in The Unreal Slackline Masters!

Thank you for reading this article about the Unreal Slackline Masters to the end.