Check out the Gibbon App

                    At Gibbon Slacklines, you don’t just buy a slackline. We provide more than a product, we also provide the tools to enjoy the Gibbon experience. You will find many tutorial videos on our youtube. Or an application that lists the different slackline spots around the world. (Article here) Finally, on the Gibbon Application we provide you with many videos to evolve with its slackline.

Beginner Videos 

The first part of the Gibbon App is for beginners. You will find quality tutorials on how to start walking forwards, backwards or even how to do a half turn. You’ll also find challenge balances to improve after your first steps. 

You can also find videos on how to install a slackline or the mistakes that beginners can make. You will find everything you need to become a great slackliner.

Fitness tutorials on the Gibbon App

You will have to choose the part of the body you want to work on as well as the difficulty. There are three different difficulties on the Gibbon App : easy, medium and hard. 

Once you have done this, the Gibbon App will offer you many exercises. Each exercise is linked to a video to show you the exercise. In addition to that, there are explanations about the number of sets and repetitions to perform.  You will then know which muscle group you are working but also how to make the exercise harder or easier.

Trickline tutorials on the Gibbon App

On the Gibbon App, you will find everything you need to evolve in trickline. From beginner to expert, there are tricks for all levels. In addition, you can learn tricks in static, dynamic or even link static tricks in a dynamic way. 

There is even a section that includes all the flips, from frogflip to skydive, there is something for everyone.
There are already specific sections to discover the style of certain athletes. You can find Benni, Haruki or even Kolyamba.

The videos are made by the best slackliners in the world.

Workout videos on the Gibbon App

This is now known by many slackliners. The slackline is the perfect tool for your workout. If the slackrack fitness is the perfect tool for that. It is always possible to do great exercises with your slackline.
In this part, you will find different videos. Workouts to work almost all muscle groups. Other videos are in preparation, with specific preparation for specific sports. There is already a video to improve your climbing with the slackline.
In addition, there are videos about injury prevention and rehab. This helps to avoid injuries in all types of sports. 

If you already own a slackline, the application is the tool you need to do your workout or improve in other sports you practice. Otherwise, buy a slackline 🙂 

Thank you for reading this article about the Gibbon App to the end.