How strong are our slacklines?

Jan 24, 2023

Our Slacklines have different breaking strengths depending on their specifications. Just like climbing equipment, kilo Newtons (kN) are often use to describe the breaking strengh of slackline equipment. In order to simplify, and understand better what does it mean, keep in mind that 1kN is 100kg of force apply to the slackline. 

Our ratchets has a working load of 25kN (so about 2500kg) with a safety factor before breaking of 2. And tests have shown that our ratchets won´t break before 70kN which is 7 tons. 

Here a quick overview of our general slackline sets and the breaking strengths of their webbings:


So in short...  our products are very safe and reliable and designed to last you a long time. 


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