For the volume 4 of our slackline magazine, we decided to give you some ideas and insides to rig slackline over water (waterline) because…The summer is not over yet !

When looking to install a slackline above water with your friends, it usually never goes as planned…wrong spot, too many branches, bushes, sometimes dirty water etc. etc.

But somehow it always turn out into a super fun project with unique memories! This is what this slackline magazine is about. And before that summer ends…we wanted to help people to experience the fun of going waterlining by giving a few tips and ideas. We hope that you will enjoy reading this slackline magazine as much as we enjoyed making it!

Love your magazine !  + you can add my name please – thank’s a lot ! Can’t wait to read it !

Each page is very interesting, keep it up!

It’s very interested and informative so greetings from westside Buenos Aires. Slacklife big gibbon family

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