Heel Lifter

Repeat 12 times with each foot and do 3 sets each. Take a 1 minute break between each set.

Step on the Slackline with the foot and body facing the Slackline. Make sure that the foot is slighly in front of your body and keep your upper body and head upright. Apply some pressure on the foot resting on the Slackline. Next slowly push down the Slackline with your toes so that the heel starts to lift itself above the Slackline. After, slowly release the tension so that the entire foot rests on the Slackline again. Note that the Slackline will start to shake. If not, increase the pressure on the Slackline by leaning more on the foot restingon the Slackline.

Low setup height (1ft or 30cm). For training purposes and indoor usage we recommend the GIBBON Slackrack. Don´t be scared when it shakes! It´s actually good!
Collect points and record your challenges to collect even more points!