First Queen

GIBBON Slacklines proudly presents the FIRST QUEEN OF SLACKLINE: MELISSA BOWE!

Finally, after 11 rounds one stand up to the others: MELISSA BOWE. She was the only one who sticks the Stick Nasty clean and safe. Congratulation! Welcome to our International Pro-Team and we are looking forward to meet her personally at ISPO 2012.

The female participation was amazing! More than 80 girls from around the world took part and showed that Slacklining is not just a sport for guys. A big thank to all participants! We were really happy to see so much good girls!

7 made it to round 11, one good gain the title, but we are still searching for place 2-5. On Monday, 5th of December 2011 a new round will start for all who made it to round 11. The best 4 will gain a National TeamRider contract! So come on, Breenah, Caroline Rangel, Chami, Christine Rank, Danielle Nascimento, Justyna Wallis, one more time on the line and show us what you can!