Slacklining reinvented.

Rain or shine, winter or summer, the SlackRack empowers you to embrace the world of slacklining anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to the hassle of setting up your slackline each time.

With its innovative design, the SlackRack offers the ultimate three-part stand-alone solution, allowing for quick and effortless setup for a fun and challenging slacklining experience. This sleek and durable masterpiece comes in black and yellow, featuring a setup length of 2m or 3m. The 50mm/2" line width ensures stability and confidence with every step.

You want to set up a slackline in the garden, but don't have trees or other fixpoints to attach it to?

Thanks to the practical IndependenceKit Classic for outdoor usage, you can now easily set up a slackline in your backyard without any trees. Simply turn the groand screws into the soil, install the A-Frames, choose your setup height, tension the system and you are ready to go! Its high weather durability makes it also ideal for permanent installation outdoors.

"Just like the monkey, GIBBON is brave but friendly, social and lovable, active and loyal."

Robert Kaeding, CEO of GIBBON Slacklines

The original slackline.

Experience the thrill of defying gravity with GIBBON slacklines!

Whether you're a novice looking to take your first steps or a seasoned pro seeking the ultimate challenge, our slacklines are designed to cater to all levels of knowledge and talent.

With a wide range of options available, you can choose the perfect slackline to suit your style. Pick from a spectrum of vibrant colors, eye-catching designs, various lengths, and top-quality materials, all tailored to your preferences. GIBBON is your gateway to a world of balance and adventure. Step onto the line, embrace the challenge, and discover a whole new level of excitement as you test your limits. Elevate your slacklining experience with GIBBON – where gravity meets endless possibilities!


16 years of experience and studies show: Balance and coordination play a central role in personal development and awareness. Whether in the development of children, adults who want to overcome habits or fall prevention - this topic affects us all. Our goal is to make balance and coordination training accessible to everyone, while providing enjoyment, interesting content and motivation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the GIBOARDS?

For you, there is no real difference. At a distance of 1m, the lines have hardly any influence on the dynamic behaviour. So you are free to decide which GIBOARD suits you best!

How and when do I receive the programmes from GIBBON?

The programmes are all free of charge and available when you register for the GIBBON Community. Simply register and you will receive an email with programme options. Alternatively, you can also select the programmes via the app. Every 7 days you will receive a new email with the programme item of the current week. This way you will be fed with new ideas, exercises and challenges week after week, so that balancing is really fun and you develop further!

For whom are double lines useful?

Double lines are ideal for children up to 5 years, for use at the standing workstation and in therapeutic treatment. We generally recommend the use of one line in order to be able to work more with the instability.

Can I tension a Giboard myself?

You can easily tension the giboard yourself. Depending on the body weight, the giboard can be tensioned with the supplied tension stick. If you want to create a higher tension, we recommend the tensioning support in our range, especially for tensioning double lines.

What weight can the GIBOARD support?

The GIBOARD is made of FSC certified beech. The weight restriction is 110kg. The weight restriction refers to the full use with dynamic load in order to do, for example, jumps during cardio exercises and tricks without hesitation. If you do not actively use the dynamic load, people with more weight up to about 140kg can also have fun on the GIBOARD.

Can I upgrade my GIBOARD?

You can always equip your GIBOARD with a fresh line or get a second line and upgrade the GIBOARD to a double line. To do this, dismantle the stretched line and remount it on the slots for the double line construction. If the cork pads wear out over time, they can also be reordered.

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