Why this name ?

Our designer was born in Peru in the 70’s, however following a mountaineering accident, his parents had to abandon him to a lama family when he was 2. It was then that until he was 15 years old, lamas took care of his education. He belonged to this community, but he knew in his heart that he aspired to something else.
One day he went down to town to buy some food, a little tired of grazing grass. So he bought bananas for the first time. From the very first bite he found it exquisite. On the way back from eating bananas, he saw a woman doing tricks on a slackline. Actuallly this woman was Rosa Tokumoto the famous peruvian slackliner.
He immediately understood that this was his destiny. After months of thinking about it, he finally created the first prototype of the banana lama. Then he took the first boat to Europe to present this project to Gibbon Slacklines.
To be honest, that’s some bullshit.

The real reason?
We wanted to satisfy the unsatisfied, those who don’t like 1-inch or 2-inch lines, and the aim was to create a line of pleasure, as playful as possible. The name Banana lama is just the combination of two things we love. So it was perfect. The flashy colors of the Banana Lama make the line something funny and it can be easily recognised among all the others.

Discover the new Banana Lama line and the history of its creation.

What is this new line created by Gibbon Slacklines ?
The BananaLama Slackline is THE ultimate allrounder because its width is right in the middle of the two most common slackline types – 1 and 2 inch. It is the intermediary between the 2.5cm flowline and other lines such as the 5cm classic line.

It is the ideal slackline for the undecided, but not only. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this slackline guarantees many challenges. When from the very first steps you feel the dynamic movements of this line, you will also be very comfortable with its optimal width.  It is super easy to walk but also pleasant for jumps and static movements.

There are two different kits, the first one of 15m and the second one of 25m. Each kit includes a Treewear for longer line durability and to protect the trees on which you set up your slackline.

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