RedBull Baylines

We are happy to present: Red Bull Baylines, the world’s most innovative slacklining competition, announces its San Francisco debut in Justin Herman Plaza. The revolutionary competition format combines two slacklining disciplines, highlining and tricklining, taking the sport to new heights – literally. On June 13th, 15 of the world’s best “slackers” will bring San Francisco’s iconic overhead streetcar lines to life, delivering trickline-style combinations on a highline course, hanging 30 feet above the San Francisco streets.
In 2014, Red Bull debuted slacklining in Italy as part of Red Bull Airlines. Providing a culturally relevant aspect to the event, the slacklines emulated the laundry lines in between historical buildings in Catania, and will be replicated in San Francisco as slacklines mirror the historical and quintessentially San Francisco streetcar lines.
Red Bull Baylines will feature a 3D course, with multiple slacklines crisscrossing 30 feet above the San Francisco
streets. 15 of the world’s top slacklining athletes have been invited to compete, including defending Red Bull
Airlines Champion, Carlos Neto (Brazil), and Red Bull Athlete and World Champion Alex “The Machine” Mason
(El Cerrito, CA). Scoring will be based on Difficulty of Tricks, Style and Variety, and Creativity. Competitors
have three minutes to display their skills in front of three judges, including world-renowned adventure athlete,
Sketchy Andy Lewis” who is best known for his slackline performance alongside Madonna at Super Bowl XLVI.
The event is free and open to the public. Competition rundown is as follows:

• Competitor Practice Time is 9:30am – 12:30pm
• Competition Begins at 1:00pm
• Award Ceremony at 3:30pm
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