GIBOARD Mapuche Unity - Light Blue 140x90 cm / 35x55" - Gibbon Slacklines

GIBOARD Mapuche Unity - Light Blue

• Prevent Slips with Confidence: Our premium custom rug is designed with slip-proof technology, ensuring you stay securely on your feet even during GIBOARD activities.
• UV-Resistant Durability: This rug is built to last, with UV-resistant properties that preserve its vibrant colors, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
• Easy to Clean: Keep your space looking fresh effortlessly, thanks to the rug's easy-clean design. Stains and spills are no match for this beauty.
• Luxurious Finish: Experience ultimate comfort and luxury with dense fibers boasting a knot density of 2.77 lb/y² (1500 g/m²). It's a rug that pampers your feet while enhancing your space's aesthetics.
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