Nov 10, 2011

Slacklining with Kai Pflaume

Slackline Wunderkinder "Nakamura Brothers" from Japan Conquer Slackline Pro Simon Meirandrez from Rosenheim in the TV Show "Klein gegen Groß"

Seven years ago, Simon Meirandrez from Rosenheim was the "little one" on "Klein gegen Groß" and demonstrated his skiing skills against Felix Neureuther. Since then, a lot has changed. Simon now earns his living with Slackline shows and is making a significant impact in international Slackline contests.

"Couple of years, they play around the Slackline, play use the ball, running in the park, hide-and-seek.... Anyways, they're moving the body,"

says Manabu Nakamura, the father of Rikuto and Takushi Nakamura, the currently most famous Slackline kids worldwide. Despite their limited international experience at the ages of 9 and 11, the Nakamura brothers have gained global recognition for their incredible talent. They recently showcased this talent in a spectacular showdown on Kai Pflaume's "Klein gegen Groß" against professional Slackliner Simon Meirandrez, featuring block stacking on a Slackline.

Manabu Nakamura, a passionate Slackliner himself, introduced his sons to the sport at an early age, explaining their exceptional coordination. Despite his limited English, his smiling face says enough. When asked how to learn Slacklining, Rikuto mentioned that one must keep trying until the body understands and internalizes it, similar to riding a bike. Takushi, the younger of the two, adds that having fun with it makes learning quick and easy.