Jun 21, 2012

MADONNA: MDNA World Tour with slackliner Jaan Roose

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About a year ago, the then 19-year-old Estonian first came to Germany to prove himself at the ISPO. Already in Munich at the World Cup 2011, he impressed with his solid back-bounces and secure tricks.

During the "King of Slackline" video contest, it became evident that he would make it to the final rounds. After the last round and a long battle with Carlos Neto, he rightfully donned the crown of the King of Slackline. 

The king is no longer in Estonia; he is now touring the world with the MDNA Madonna Tour, captivating audiences worldwide.

Jaan Roose

Known for possessing nerves of steel, Estonian slackliner Jaan Roose is a 3-time world champion and the holder of numerous world records.

When Jaan Roose started slacklining at the age of 18, he never dreamed that it would one day lead to him thrilling crowds all over the world with his unique tricks.
Now a three-time world champion, and the first and only athlete to perform a double backflip on a slackline, Jaan is also the holder of numerous world records and world-firsts in the sport.

His ability has also led to him performing as a stuntman in Hollywood films, including Assassin's Creed, and appearing in Madonna's MDNA World Tour. As well as entering competitions, Jaan loves nothing more than travelling the world and showcasing his incredible talent.

In 2021 he visited the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina to perform acrobatics at a height of 100m, while the following year he tackled a 500m-long slackline between two mountains in Kazakhstan. Then in 2023, Jaan completed a 150-metre walk on a slackline across two points of a single building in Doha, Qatar.

Keep your eyes peeled to see where he travels to next.


 - Jaan Roose