Nov 10, 2011

Official Partner of VfB Stuttgart

The SLACKRACK in Action: Proper balance and coordination training is essential for the Bundesliga soccer players to improve reaction time, and reduce the risk of injuries.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with VfB Stuttgart to support athletic training in the youth and professional sectors. Balance and coordination, essential elements often neglected in our daily lives, will be a focal point. Together with VfB, we aim to emphasize that Slacklining is an excellent tool for enhancing balance and coordination, leading to improved performance, fewer injuries, better concentration, and more enjoyment from everyday activities to elite sports.

Proper balance and coordination training enhance performance, reaction time, and reduce the risk of injuries. Slacklining (balancing on a 2.5-5cm wide band between two fixed points) provides sensorimotor training combined with challenges and a lot of fun. For more information, visit our website on: Fitness with Slacklining.