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King & Queen of Slackline 2014

07.04.2014 13:34

You are wondering if there is something to win at King & Queen of Slackline 2014?!Or are you just fighting for the honor???Well, sure the honor is the main goal - but at the end we want to share this honor with the winners. For that reason GIBBON invites the winners of King & Queen of Slackline to the WSFed Globetrotter Slackline WorldCup in Munich!!!This includes:Flight from your hometown to Munich, Germany

GIBBON French Slackline Open @ FISE 2014

28.05.2014 09:05

Montpellier, FRANCE — After the amazing slackline competition in 2013, Gibbon Slacklines is proud to announce, to host a WSFed OPEN competition at The FISE World Series in Montpellier from 28th of May until the 1st of June 2014.Top slackliners from all over Europe will compete against each other. Even the famous Mr. Jaan Roose from Estonia, who taught Madonna slacklining, when he was with her on the MDNA

ISPO 2014

27.02.2014 09:00

GIBBON AT THE ISPO TRADE SHOW 2014  Tradeshow video online! - Thanks to Philip Bitnar (Editor), Stereo Trickz (Music) and the whole GIBBON family!         ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Be part of GIBBON Slacklines and visit our booth at the ISPO Tradeshow/ Hall A1.141. Explore the new GIBBON products

MISSED THE SLACKLINE MEGA STUNT or the Slackline WorldCup in Las Vegas?

16.10.2013 14:59


General notice regards QUEEN and KING of SLACKLINE!!! Due to variuos organizatorial reasons we have made the decision to reschedule the QUEEN and KING of SLACKLINE video contest to April 2014! Why? First and foremost as the contest takes at least 10 weeks (10 rounds min) we were always confronted with the problem that in the northern half of the globe it was winter with