Squats 180s

Become a balance master by achieving 6 squat 180s in one balance session!

Position yourself right next to the Slackline facing the Slackline. Carefully stand on the Slackline shoulder width sideways with your shoulders parallel to the Slackline and slowly lower your body into a squatting position where the knees are in right angle and while keeping your head upright. Hold the arms stretched out in front of you to use for counter balance. Once you are stable in this position jump 180 degrees and land in the same squatting position. Continue with the next jump in the same direction after you have gained control.

Low setup height (1ft or 30cm). For training purposes and indoor usage we recommend the GIBBON Slackrack. Don´t be scared when it shakes! It´s actually good!
Collect points and record your challenges to collect even more points!