How do I set up my slackline?

Your line is brand new and you have no idea how to set it up? Or have you watched other set it up, but never did it yourself?
This tutorial shows you step-by-step what you need to do, and which little tricks make your life easier.

Here’s what’s key:

  • Attach tree protection to tree trunk at about knee height
  • Put line around the tree and pull line through the loop
  • Put the ratchet strap around the trunk and pull the ratchet through the loop
  • "fold" line on loops (on each side) to avoid twists in the slackline
  • Thread the end of the line through a ratchet, pull the line all the way through
  • Hold the slackline a little tense with your hand, then begin to tension
  • Lock the ratchet (The slackline gives in after the first steps, so prepare to tensen some more)

Let's go!