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    BANANALAMA TREEWEAR SET - Gibbon Slacklinesslackline #gibbonslacklines
    Set Banana Lama Treewear
    BANANALAMA XL TREEWEAR SET - Gibbon Slacklinesslackline #gibbonslacklines
    BANANALAMA XL TREEWEAR SET - Gibbon Slacklinesslackline #gibbonslacklines
    Set Treewear Banana Lama XL
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    Das Giboard entspricht voll der Beschreibung und den Erwartungen. Es wird hauptsächlich für stabilisierende Balanceübungen verwendet.


    Balance training is simple and can be done casually. The setup requires some patience.


    I regularly train with a slackline indoors. It's a different experience from outdoor slacklining, but I'm quite satisfied with it. While it's not suitable for jumping and bouncing due to its size, it's great for practicing balance and various techniques on the line, including those involving the base deck.

    柴崎 寿一

    Good product. It fits perfectly with the description.

    José L.

    The board can be assembled quickly and easily. However, the instructions provided through the QR code are not as detailed as those on YouTube. Still, it worked out well, and it is very sturdy. It can also be used in therapy with children.