My passion about slacklining:

It is a constant challenge to overcome my mental and spiritual physical abilities to find the perfect balance reflecting it on the tape in each session if they are in equilibrium you are in good harmony with your surroundings and with yourself.

Achievements in Slacklining:

  • OTC online trickline competition first place 2015
  • World championship Vigo street stunts first place 2016
  • World cup slack that beach, Vina del mar- Chile first  place 2017

Favorite slackline spot:

All are my favorite places because one and the people make each place special

When i was little i wanted to be?

Like my father

Never leave home without?

Smile in the face and give thanks for what life gives us

My slogan

I have two slogans:
>> Without dreams life does not make sense
>> lives life to the rhythm of life and life does not have to live at your pace