This year was a special edition. Indeed, after a year without King and Queen Of Slackline because of Covid19 (perhaps you have heard of it), it was necessary to come back in force. That’s why we chose to do something innovative: to make King Of Slackline on TikTok.

Why this choice?

TikTok is a growing platform where slacklining is not very present. It was therefore an opportunity to increase the amount of content on it so that as many people as possible could discover the sport. 

Secondly, King and Queen of Slackline aims to reproduce tricks. TikTok seemed to be the ideal platform for this. 

Finally, it allowed everyone to see what other participants did, and it’s a fun new feature for King and Queen Of Slackline.

The compilation of this year’s rounds.

Who won this edition?

This new concept has done away with the principle of a validation of each round to move on to the next. It was therefore possible to complete all the rounds before the final deadline, even a week before it.

The deadline for the 15th round was therefore quite short. While 3 people completed round 14, nobody completed round 15 on time and correctly. Alisson or Nikolay were very close, but not close enough to make a difference. 

In order to decide between the three people who made the 14th round, we went round by round to see the small mistakes that these three participants made. Whether it was a safety buttbounce, a dab, or a bad foot placement, we were ruthless. 

The main rule of King and Queen of Slackline is to reproduce the tricks identically.

After this analysis, the judgement was made and we concluded that Shin was the cleanest in the first 14 rounds. He therefore wins this 2021 edition. 


We thank all the participants, all those who have done the maximum number of rounds. And if you have been stuck in the first rounds this year, you still have time to improve for next year. A huge thank you to all those who have been motivated and trained this year for KOS.

What are we preparing for you next year? 

We’re going to change the format slightly to improve it. Next year several Gibbon athletes will be creating the tricks and bringing them to you. There will be more rounds and they will be easier until round 10.

But we’ll stay on TikTok so don’t hesitate to follow us!