The Unreal Slackline Masters is the first video slackline competition. It was the global pandemic that opened the door to this kind of competition. From over 40 entries, 6 finalists were selected. You can read the article on the qualifications HERE.

How was The Unreal Slackline Masters judged?

There were 3 judges, all very experienced in Slackline. First of all we had Andy Lewis, godfather of Slackline. Philipp F. who is the creator of the “WorldOfTomorrow” slackline youtube channel with 10 million views. And last but not least, Jaan Roose, a professional Gibbon and Redbull athlete, who has already made some very good slackline videos such as “Forest Beast”.

What were the criteria for The Unreal Slackline Masters?

There were different criteria which were: creativity, skills, vibes and editing.
Some judges were more sensitive to certain criteria. It was noticeable that Andy Lewis gave a lot of attention to skills and risk taking. Philipp prioritised vibes, and Jaan valued creativity and editing.

Below you will find the individual rankings by judges. You will also find on YouTube a video where the judges themselves explain their choices

The final ranking of The Unreal Slackline Masters

#6 Simon Meirandres x Tobias Strasser

Simon Meirandres creates with Tobias a video with a very high editing quality. It feels like watching a commercial for a major car brand.
He is in a forest and plays very well with the colours for a very dynamic rendering. He takes more risks by doing more complicated tricks than in his qualifying video.
However, he lacks the vibes and creativity to be able to claim a better place.

#5 Matias Sepulveda x Matias Pavez x Abraham Hernandez

This team of Chileans puts everyone in agreement. They are doing some very committed tricks that have never been done before. One thing is for sure, they send heavy stuff. The fails that they can take make our head turn away from the screen.
The level of trickline is clearly the highest in this final.
On the other hand, they stayed in their comfort zone without offering very original videos with a high level of editing.

#4 Llerlia Burgos

Llerlia has made a very interesting video. The main thread is the presentation of many cities in Chile where there is a large community of slackliners. It makes us all want to visit it. One thing is not missing in this video: the vibes, we see a great community spirit that allows us to understand why Chileans are among the best slackliners in the world. We also see some pretty committed tricks.

#3 Benni Schmid 

Benni Schmid, the German slackliner, makes a video following on from his qualifying video. We stay in the Parkour spirit even if in this one we will see more slackline. Here, we find a very creative process with things we have never seen before. We notice that he took many risks in this video, as shown by the falls at the end of this video. And we are still hungry after this double backflip feet to feet attempt, we are waiting impatiently for the next part.

#2 Eric Hake x Justin Wagers

Eric Hake with the help of Justin Wagers takes the height to do the trickline. He makes a very inspiring trickline highline video. In it he even achieves a world first: the first double buttbackflip on a highline. You can imagine the risks involved in doing it, when you remember what happened to people who tried it before him. The video is very dynamic and well done. The video is very dynamic and well done, with a lot of hard and well filmed tricks.

#1 Valentin Huet x MokaFilms

Valentin Huet, with the help of the MokaFilms team, sends us into another universe. With his team, he shows great creativity to reveal a poker game that goes wrong. The costumes are very nice and the actors are very good. Very good special effects top it all off. We loved this imaginary world that combines with trickline. So he deserves this first place, bravo to him.