Everything you need to know about The Unreal Slackline Masters Final

What is going to happen?

Here we are, the finalists’ videos of The Unreal Slackline Masters have been put online. And we can say it, the level was very high, and it was difficult to make a choice. If you want to know how we chose them, this video is for you.

Finalists will now have until June 20 to prepare a second 2-minute video. These videos will then be judged by our exceptional jury including: Robert Kaeding, Philip F. and Andy Lewis.

On July 4, you will find a one-hour broadcast that will include these 4 videos as well as more content to get inside our finalists. This video will be broadcast on THIS website.

Don’t forget to stay tuned, as the People’s Choice Award, Best Female Performance and Munich Award are still up for grabs. (For more information, go here).

Let’s find out more about the 6 finalists:

First of all, we find Valentin Gravity Fighter, French slackliner, who, with the team of Moka Films, has launched a very original production, in a French style. We find him performing trickline tricks above his friends, in the middle of a meal. This video is as funny as surprising. He really deserves his place in the final.

Valentin Huet : Unreal Slackline Masters 2021

Then we find a team straight from Chile, and which includes Matias PavezAbraham HernandezMatias Sepulveda. In terms of tricks, it’s a 10/10, the tricks are harder than each other, and perfectly executed. We also find figures in tandems perfectly synchronized. Adding to that, the games of colors that leave us amazed, we see that this video is really well done. We do not forget either the small touch of humor on the end, which reminds that the slackline is also and especially a fun sport.

Abraham Hernandez x Matias Paves x Matias Sepulveda : Unreal Slackline Masters

It’s Benni Schmid’s turn, the German slackliner. He creates a video of simple appearance but very qualitative. We find him in what he knows how to do best. He uses a lively music that suits perfectly to the situation. He manages to link parkour and slackline in the best way. We can see very committed transfers between two slacklines. The most impressive ? This sideflip transfer feet to feet which seems impossible at first sight.
We want to see more original trickline videos like this one.


Let’s go to the American Eric Hake, who cooperates with Justin Wagers, creator of many slackline movies to create a very inspiring video. We see him mixing trickline and highline to perform committed tricks with hundreds of meters below his feet. This is something we have rarely seen. The craziest trick? Surely the buttbackflip to feet to Luke Skywalker! We can’t believe it’s real life either.

Eric Hake : Unreal Slackline Masters

Let’s go to the second representative of Germany in this competition: Simon Meirandres. This kind of very modern edit, linked to tricks on a slackline, is unprecedented.  We find shots of FPV drone, linked to a very fast camera shots that make the video very dynamic. We see that Simon knows what he is doing and that nothing is placed at random. We also appreciate the play of color between the blue of the day and the red of the night. We can’t wait to see what Simon prepares for the final.

Simon Meirandres : Unreal Slackline Masters

And we end up with another Chilean. Llerlia Burgos gives us a lesson of trickline. We begin in a place of dream, where we would like all to make a session of slackline. Llerlia explains us then his vision of the slackline. But the most impressive part is the second part of the video, Llerlia sends very aerial tricks on a catchy music. We can see her taking big falls that hurt us just by watching them. One thing is for sure, Llerlia sends heavy! We can’t wait to see what she prepares for the final.

Llerlia Burgos : Unreal Slackline Masters

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