At Gibbon Slacklines, we would like to make slacklining more accessible. While tutorials on the app or on youtube can be very helpful, it will never be better than personal coaching. Also, if the COVID crisis has prevented some people from going slacklining and progressing. The online slackline courses are perfect to progress or to start slacklining. It is also a way to support the athletes at Gibbon. Indeed, with the covid19, all the shows have been cancelled. For many, it was an important part of their remuneration. Signing up for a online slackline course with an athlete is also a way to support them.

Free online course

First of all, there will be free online slackline course for 30 minutes

1. It will be possible to learn 3 different things. The first one will teach the basics of slacklining, for example, how to walk a line. They will give you all the techniques to find your balance.

2. The second will teach how to do beginner tricks. Anything that is accessible for beginners in static or dynamic. Our athletes are among the best trickliners in the world, so they can give you the best advice to progress.

3. The third one will help you to set up a line, to use a ratchet or to set up a slackline in your garden with or without trees. You will learn how to install a slackline according to the possibilities that your garden offers.

Coaching for a small group of people

The second type of slackline course will be a coaching for a small group of people, that is to say, a maximum of 3 people together. These courses will last 1 hour. This is a coaching session about one precise topic that will be defined together with you.

The athletes will give you some special tips, advice and some (fun – we promise) homeworks. They will do their best to help you progress in the best conditions. Athletes can also help you find the best way to set up a line in your garden.

The price of these specialised courses is 30 EUR per hour. This also helps to support the athletes.

You can follow the courses anywhere in the world, as long as you have room to set up a slackline and a sufficient internet connection to follow the course.

The slackline courses are run by the athletes. They can therefore be conducted in different languages.
Indeed, some of the athletes speak English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Estonian. 

Thank you for reading this article to the end.

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