Did you know that slacklining is often used for ski conditioning and training?

The skiing season coming, it is more than the time to start or continue your ski training routine, and if not done yet, add some balance and coordination exercises.

Skiing requires to constantly adapt to the current situation (terrain, snow, lane, speed, weather, equipment) through well-coordinated movements in order to have permanent control of pace and direction. On a slackline, this constantly changing situation is perfectly simulated. In order not to fall off the line, one must always optimally recognize the new situation and react to it. Additional task on the slackline with the help of accessories such as balls, other athletes or head tasks can make this situation even more complex and make the training harder.

The goal for the skier when training with a slackline or slackrack, is to learn how to cope with the situation subconsciously and thus be able to concentrate on the run and its skiing technique in a racing situation and react to sudden unexpected changes. Therefore, the goal isn´t to walk the line but truly improve your balance, coordination and strength. 

  1. Subconscious adaptation to situation changes
  2. Training of coordination skills
  3. Training the stabilizing deep muscles
  4. Effective full body workout engaging the core, back muscle and entire lower body
  5. Prevention of injuries and rehab tool for injuries such as ACL
  6. Overall balance improvement

The ski conditioning on the slackline is ideal as an afternoon program after snow training. We always have a slackline or even use indoor slack racks in the hotel. The athletes always enjoy training with the slackline as it always has this playfulness related with slacklining…even if sometimes..the line turn  only as a net for volleyball.

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