One day with the Banana Lama

Turn a normal day into a wonderful day with the Banana Lama

Everythings began when one Monday, like every Monday Benni went to work. When he discovered something in his mailbox, something unusual : It was the brand new Banana Lama line. Stunned by the beauty and unusual width of this line, he could not continue his usual routine.

Normally delivered in a box, this time the Banana Lama arrived in the mailbox like a magic trick. A magical moment that heralds a day that will be just as magical.

Check out our Instagram to see the whole video of Benni trying to get the Banana Lama out of the mailbox.

He started to rediscovered the city he had known all his life. Walking with a smile on his face, he couldn’t go on without sharing this pleasure with someone else, Cyprien, his lifelong comrade. In spite of all the ups and downs he encountered along the way, he was able to reach Cyprien safe and sound, at least for the time being.


Having fun with the Banana Lama presents risks to be taken into account. Climbing on road signs can be the consequence.

Need height with the Banana Lama

Indeed, they decided to take some height to better appreciate this slackline. After a committed climb, they discover new sensations of freedom. Benni takes the opportunity to make a call for work, but never without the Banana Lama.Of course, the climbing was done in complete safety. No equipment was damaged and the film crew of the incredible number of 2 did not take any risks.

Benni is always available to answer your questions about slacklining, even when he is riding a rodeoline at the top of a building. 

“Every place becomes a playground with this line”

Fed up with these sensations of heights but not of the lama banana, they decide to go to the city centre. In a place as crazy as the line with trampolines in the middle of the city. Among all the childrens, there were two grown children on a slackline. After a lot of transfers from the trampolines to the slackline, the sun disappears on the horizon.



Find the video of the tricks made by Benni on his Instagram. Thanks to this line we have created a new sport.

“Maybe it was a little silly… “

They had to go back home, but on the way back they had an idea. Not the best, I grant you. Waiting at the pedestrian crossing, they thought they would have enough time to rig a line across the road, to do a backflip and to rig off the line. All this, in 20 seconds, impossible?

Check the video out. But that was no more than the police, who kindly asked them to go and stretch the line elsewhere. It was probably not the most appropriate place.


Thank you for reading this article to the end. You can find the Banana Lama in the webshop.