New King of Slackline

We have a King of Slackline 2011!
In the first round there were 153 participants, in the second even 155, but just Jaan Roose and Carlos Neto could make it to the “Final Round”. Until the end it was an exciting head to head run, but one could make one round more:

Congratulation and welcome to the International Pro-Team of GIBBON!

Carlos Neto (2nd placed) and Hiroyuki Kusakari (3rd placed) achieved an excellent effort! You are amazing!

Rankinglist of King of Slackline 2011:

  1. Jaan Roose (Estonia)
  2. Carlos Neto (Brazil)
  3. Hiroyuki Kusakari (Japan)

Also a big thank to all other participants! We were happy to see still a progress to the last years and hope to see the most of you next year again!