Jaan Roose Madonna Tour in Tel Aviv

Jaan Roose has made it to the top!

About one year ago, Jaan Roose left Estonia to come to ISPO Munich 2011 to take part in a slackline contest. A few months later  he visited Germany again to compete in the Slackline WorldCup against the best of the best. You could see that he had trained and improved a lot. But it was still not enough to reach the top.
Everyone who was following the “King of Slackline”  this year knew from the beginning on, that he will make it to the very last round. In the end it was Jaan Roose and Carlos Neto who were batteling it out – but in the end, it was Jaan who took the crown well deserved.

Nowadays “The King” is not in Estonia anymore – “The King” is with the MDNA Madonna World Tour, performing in front of thousands of people. Now he is at the top!