GIBBON Summer 2016

In short: new pro athletes! Red Bull and Alex Mason! World Slackline Masters! Skoda and GIBBON at Outdoor 2016!  

Hi fellow primates! It´s hot outside and summer vibes are all around. We have already had an amazing summer with everyone enjoying the slackseason! Here an overview of what has been happening so far:

We are proud to announce our two new Pro Athletes: Teruto Tanaka and Haruki Kinoshita!  

A short introduction:  

Japan is the hot spot right now for new and upcoming talents already outperforming each other at an age where most are proud to enjoy simply balancing. With all athletes of the new generation it can clearly be seen that the school of Grand Slack Master GAPPAI is bearing its fruits and the riders are coming out with a super clean style and technical manoeuvers of the highest level. And for two of the Japanese Slackline Team Members it is finally their time to join our international Pro Team.

Introducing Teruto:

In 2014, at a mere 12 years of agen Teruto, together with his father Takeo (also a Trickliner), had already been touring around Europe and showing off his potential. Last year he was invited to perform on the German TV Show “Super Kids” and amazed everyone including Felix Neureuther (World Class Slalom Skier) who was part of the judges. This year, at the ripe age of 14, Teruto has finally made his breakthrough and raged all through the summer contests in the US and in Europe. 

Click here for more info’s about Teruto.

Introducing Haruki:  

In 2015 for the first time in Europe, Haruki has inspired many people with his fast learning and understanding that Tricklining is not just about sticking the tricks but also about how and in what combination you stick them. Aside winning national contests in Japan, Haruki has claimed 1st place at the X-Games Slackline Demo Contest in Austin, Texas, won this year’s Natural Games and, together with Teruto, claimed victory at the World Slackline Masters Team Battle!  

Click here for more info´s about Haruki.

We are looking forward to following and supporting their progress and are excited to see in what way they will play their role in developing the sport of tricklining.


Alex Mason on a stairway to Slack Heaven together with Red Bull!

Alex Mason ascended eight slacklines up a jagged, 80-foot waterfall on the big island of Hawaii recently, shaping the slacklining lifestyle. The 2012 Slackline World Champion pushed his limits beyond his element, tricking meteres above the jungle floor. More significantly, the ascent was captured in a cinema graphic moment for the world to experience.

Alex: „The tropical climate of Hawaii was quite a challenge! It had poured down dogs and cats prior to the project and everything was covered mud. But thanks to the help of Andy Lewis and the Red Bull Team we soldiered through to rig an amazing setup for a once in a lifetime experience.“

>> Check out the video now: Click here!

>> For more Details and the complete story, click here!


World Slackline Masters 2016 & Balance Challenge:

Once more the world elite of slacklining got together to compete in the 7th annual contest held on Königsplatz in Munich! After the sensational feedback we received, we once more organized the international team battles, where 20 teams from over 10 different countries competed in a 2 vs 2 tag-team battle. „Munich has always been a great platform to open up the sport to new possibilities, and this year it definitely proved to be the case!“ Andy Lewis.

In addition to the contest, GIBBON had organized the City Balance Challenge where the city of Marseille (France) competed against the city of Munich (Germany) to decide which city can provide the most amount of people balancing for 10 seconds on a slackline. As a result Munich managed to collect the crown with a whooping 567 visitors who managed, in only eight hours, to surpass the 422 participants from Marseille earlier this year.

We are really happy to have proven that learning to balance with the right technique is easy and achievable for anyone. In case anyone is still in doubt we recommend downloading our app and testing the video tutorials to convince yourself that slacklining is within everyone’s reach!

If you think your city is up to challenge and can do better than the city of Munich with 567 slackliners balancing for at least 10 seconds feel free to contact

And here are the winners of the contests:


1st: Team Japan: Teruto Tanaka & Haruki Kinoshita

2nd: Team Es#tonia: Jaan Roose & Tauri Vahesaar

3rd: Team America: Alex Mason & Diego Diaz alias PICHICHI from Chile

Girls Contest:

1st: Mio Sudo – Japan

2nd: Coco Giro – France

3rd: Giovanna Petrucci – Brazil

Check out the complete video!!!

Pictures: Click here.


Outdoor Friedrichshafen

For the 10th year in a row GIBBON has exhibited at the Outdoor Trade Show and once more managed to entertain the entire venue with a slackline park in combination with our international pro team.

In addition together with the trade show and SKODA, GIBBON organized the 2016 OUTDOOR TRICKLINE MASTERS which consisted of a Best Trick and Best Combo session. In these one and half hours the Outdoor experienced tricks and combos never landed before.

In the end Estonian Master of Slack: Jaan Roose managed to pick up the crown of best overall Performance, leaving Alex Mason (Best Trick: butt double front flip to feet, bb 1080°…) and Carlos Merayo from Spain third (Best Combo).

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Keep Slacking and keep promoting our great sport!

This is the 6th edition of an amazing Slackline Contest during the Sportsfestival in Munich, the “GLOBETROTTER WORLD SLACKLINES MASTERS BY GIBBON”!!! 

6 Years of fun, 6 years of crazy and spectacular tricks, 6 years of mind-blowing battles between the best slackliners in the world, 6 years of emotions and friendships!

Are you ready for 2015???
We know you are!

Also Globetrotter is ready again and presents the new contest format “WORLD SLACKLINE MASTERS – MUNICH 2015” by GIBBON!

Like in the past years we will have the top slackliner of the world competing in Munich!

Including Jaan Roose from Estonia, Alex Mason from US,  as well as Mr. Slackline himselfe as judge “ANDY LEWIS” and many more.

But a lot of things are new!

For the first time in history we have a Slackline Team Battle for the boys! National and multinational teams are battling against the other teams. We want to use this platform to develop this idea and see what contest modes and team constellations create the best challenge for the slackliners and great entertainment for the crowd. The base are a minimum of 8 Teams a 2 athletes competing against each other.

          Application type: Invitations only in 2015.

          Judging: 3 judges according to WSFED judging criteria.

          Prize money: 1st place: 1000€, 2nd place: 500€, 3rd place: 250€


We will have amazing slackliners at the competition – we will have a different try out areas with slacklines for beginners, advanced and fitness junkies – we will have sun – we will have a lot of sports action at the whole festival area! So – what is missing? It´s just you!!!

Join us and be part of this unique event!

place – Königsplatz, Munich (Germany)
date – 5th of July 2015
time – 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

You want to battle with the stars?

Boys team register here… 

                        Girls team register here…

Any questions? Please contact Yann Stephan