Gibbon Slacklines stops selling tricklines (1st of April)

At Gibbon Slacklines, we questionned ourselves.

From the beginning, our vision was to bring slacklining and the joy of balance to everybody.
We strongly believed that with a bit of guidance, with the help of our App (free and easy to use), all the Youtube tutorials, friends and family, anyone could master it in no time and have loads of fun. But after all these years, we realized that we were wrong. 

A true slackliner is someone who directly walks 50m of line rigged with complex tensioning systems..

And for the trickliners who realize incredible aerial figures that make everyone dream during shows or simply in a park, they have not understood that the slackline is a line without tension, it must remain slack.

Have you seen a trickline category on the website of the International Slackline Association ? No.

So we decided to stop promoting tricklining in any form, too.

The German Slackliner Benni Schmid has already started to make freestyle highline edits.

Wiggle Boys - Highline Freestyle Edit

For this reason, we will stop the tutorials : how to set up a slackline in a garden, how to set up a slackline without trees, how to do your first slackline combo... And we will start explaining how to set up big and complex highlines.

In addition, we will remove the beginner tutorials on our application. And we will focus on freestyle highline tricks, we are preparing the first tutorial on a real trick : the yoda roll.

We will create Longline and Highline gear

Because a slackline has to be slack, at Gibbon Slacklines, we decided to change our lines to be lighter and easier to rig over long distances.

All our 5cm lines will then be reduced to 2.5cm. You can now find the new models of Jibline, Classic line, Travel line and Fun line in the webshop from 50m and 1 inch.

That’s why the Flowline will no longer be available in 25m.

We stopped producing ratchets and we invite you to exchange them for carabiners.

We also invite you to cut your 5cm lines in half, so you can have real slackline equipment. Indeed, a slackline of more than 2,5 cm is not a slackline.

Career transition for the athletes

We realized that trickliners didn’t really like trickline. For example, our athlete Jaan Roose reveals his hatred for trickline by cutting 5cm lines. But he wouldn’t do it on highlines.


The gibbon athletes will then be able to follow a course to learn how to walk a slackline of more than 25m without tension.


Weaning centers will be opened around the world to accompany them in this transition. We will create the first center in Brazil because the demand is strong. Alisson will be the first to join the center.

We will also work with pharmaceutical companies to develop a patch to limit the side effects of stopping trickline.

We also created some caps and hats not only to slackline but also to chill in the street. And this is probably the only real information in this article.

Thank you for reading this article to the end.