From New York to Tokyo, New Zealand to Toronto, the GLOBAL CITY BALANCE CHALLENGE has thrilled many people around the world this year. And the big question was:

Which city has the most BALANCE ?!

To find out, as many people as possible had to balance for at least 10 seconds on one of our slackracks or on a slackline.

You may wonder why we launched this challenge.

We simply believe that the balance of mind and body provides a higher quality of life from day to day. And that is why we want to inspire as many people as possible to get to know this feeling, to increase their own self-confidence and to grow beyond their physical limits.

Everyone won, but only one city could win our Global City Balance Challenge…

We congratulate the Pure Magic Battle for the Bay Event in Dublin, Ireland! You have won the Balance Challenge 2017 and have pulled through against many other major world cities. So Dublin can be happy to announce that we at GIBBON are sponsoring 2018’s follow-up event worth $2,000 in this wonderful city, and on top of that, there’s another GIBBON Pro athlete for an unforgettable slackline show. Congratulations!

But of course we also want to announce the 2nd and 3rd places:

  • 2nd place: Tokyo, Japan
  • 3rd  place: Munich, Germany

You can take a closer look at all the participating cities here.

And since the Balance Challenge was such a great success, we will be starting it again in the new year. So apply right now for your event in your city! Just write a short email to or apply directly here.