10 Years Anniversary

Yes, this year we are proudly celebrating 10 years of GIBBON Slacklines and so it was clear that 2017 also needed to be a very special year. And so far we cannot complain about lacking highlights at all.

Our anniversary party gave us the kick-off with some 200 friends and business partners from over 20 nations, with whom we could celebrate a boisterous, slacktastic celebration in June.

And at this point, we would like to thank you once again for the great commitment, the confidence you have shown in us and the many wonderful moments with all of you, who have lived the dream with us during the last 10 years with us and made GIBBON Slacklines what it is: a terribly nice family!

European Outdoor Masters

Just a few days after our anniversary celebrations, we had the first big event in Friedrichshafen: the European Outdoor Masters. With the kind support of SKODA, our riders rocked along the lines in the ground and showed once again on what an incredible level the sport is now. And by the way, a world record was set by our team rider Abraham. More about this below.


  1. Teruto Tanaka (JAPAN)
  2. Abraham Hernandez (Chile)
  3. Haruki Kinoshita (JAPAN)
  4. Tauri Vaheesar (Estonia)

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